Thursday, 16 May 2013

Beauty | Barry M Touch Of Magic Lip Paint Review

I've never owned a lipstick. There, I said it. Never owned one. I've never really liked anything to do with accentuating my mouth; my teeth insist on not being straight despite years of braces, my smile is wonky, and I've never liked how non-white my teeth are, although after years of smoking (quit almost a year ago now!!) and even more years of drinking at least two cans of Coke a day, that's nobody's fault but mine.

Now this purchase was both planned and a whim. I first read about the Barry M Touch Of Magic Lip Paint over on The Oxford Owl's blog as she was planning a giveaway with one, and the idea that a lipstick coloured itself to suit you sounded like it was exactly what I needed, especially as I don't even know what my skin tone is (don't judge me). Apparently it changes depending on each individual person, but I'm not too sure I bought that one as out of the three they had in the store there were two different shade numbers listed on the bottom. As you can see, I bought shade 249, but I'm pretty sure there's an original one which doesn't have a shade, and actually changes to suit you. I've saved the original one (I think) in my Amazon basket so I might buy that if I have any money left over when I get back from Spain and blog about the difference :)

I know the lips close-up one above is awful. I was trying to take a photo of my lips after applying the lipstick without flash, and each photo just turned out a blurry mess. Believe it or not, that was the best one I got. I always forget how shit my camera is! The one with flash directly above is probably the closest to the colour it is in real life anyways.

So the lipstick goes on pretty much dry. I wore it last night and when I woke up this morning I had to put on quite a bit of lip balm to get my lips back to their normal slightly nourished state. I also noticed that the lipstick REALLY stained my lips. Even after I used a make-up removed wipe on them AND had a shower. The little swatches I made on my hand (and one on my boyfriend's to test if it did go a different colour on him; we couldn't see much difference) are also still here now, while I'm writing this, despite the fact it's been like, fourteen hours, several hand washes and a shower later since I swatched. Impressive? Yes. Annoying? Slightly.

Have you tried the Barry M Touch Of Magic Lip Paint, or any other Barry M lipsticks or products in general? I'd love to know about your experiences! :)

Bye x
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  1. I like how it's green! That's so cool :) and you look very pretty! I have such a wonky smile too, you'll notice in all my pictures I tilt my head so you can't see it haha :) x

    1. I know, right! Main reason I wanted it haha :)

      Aw thank you, and I'm sure you don't, you look lovely in all your pictures!


  2. Hahah I love its concept! Need to pick it up, I'm curious how it will look on me! :))

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


    1. I'm curious too, I want to go around smearing it on everyone to see what colour it goes! :')

      Ooh I'll take a look now, sounds ace! :)


  3. Ooh, that's interesting about the different number - mine has no number on the bottom…
    I definitely spent a while smearing it on all my friends :P
    I love how bright it is on you :) I swear it never comes off, though. I have to use eye-make up remover and a flannel to get it off! I do like that you never have to worry about it while you're out though, it stays perfect :)

    The Oxford Owl