Thursday, 8 May 2014

J-Drama | Just Watched: Last Cinderella (ラスト シンデレラ)

Hi everyone! While it may say "Just Watched" in the title, that is a LIE, because I am lazy, and snoozy, and actually watched this about three months ago and am only just getting around to writing about it. But, I have finally worked up the energy to write this little review, simply because this Jdorama is just beautiful, and lovely, and oof, Haruma Miura (∩◕▽◕∩)

Apologies for the Spanish subtitles, this was the only version of the opening I could find!

Toyoma Sakura (Shinohara Ryoko) is a 39 year old woman who's completely focused on her career, and is completely disinterested in finding love or getting married, much to the chagrin of her mother. However, as her 40th birthday approaches, she starts to feel more and more masculine, and worries about her ability to have children due to her age. When she's passed over for promotion yet again, to cheer her up one of her clients invites her to a goukon (合コン), a group blind date at a hotel, and with the persuasion of her friends she decides to attend.

At the goukon she meets Hiroto Saeki (Miura Haruma), a 24 year old pro BMX rider who helps her find her missing shoe, just like Cinderella! Watch as she stumbles through this new relationship with a much younger man, with the help of her friends who have problems of their own, this series shows new sides to love and different relationships ∩(❛ω❛#)∩

I absolutely loved watching this series! I thought it was really sweet and funny, I really enjoyed the friendships that the three main female characters had, and I was on the edge of my seat when a love triangle started to develop... I'll say no more ahahaha, just that if you want a really feel good Jdrama, this is absolutely ideal. I LOVED the ending, and am now obsessed with Miura Haruma, he is just absolutely delicious ahaha!

As of now, I use Last Cinderella as the measuring stick for all other dramas I've watched in terms of storyline and loveable characters, and so far no others have compared. Sorry for getting all mushy on you ahahaha, but this series is still No 1 in my mind, and is probably gonna stay my favourite for a loooooooong time ahahahaha o|。 ̄▽ ̄。|o

Have you watched Last Cinderella? What's your favourite Jdrama? Let me know in the comments!

Bye! x
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