Sunday, 31 May 2015

Games | Currently Playing: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Sunday Shorts)


Happy Sunday! Hope you're all having a lazy one  (⌒▽⌒)☆

So, for this Sunday Shorts I'd like to tell you all about the game I've been playing recently: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you like games in the vein of Skyrim, Diablo 3, etc. then this'll be right up your alley (o≧▽゚)oニパッ

My boyfriend pre-ordered it for his PS4 and it came the day I finished my exams, which I'm extremely happy about because this game is MASSIVE and incredibly time-consuming, so I would never have got any revision done if it had arrived before my exams ahahaha. Not like I did enough revision anyway, but I digress. Bit annoying as he'd taken about five days off from work to play it (under the guise of wanting to spend time with me now that I was done revising ahaha), so before I could have a go I had to watch him play days worth of it, rendering the first few main plot quests pointless and dull to me as I'd already seen him play them. Snooooze. But anyway, on with the short!

Right, you'll have to bear with me on the plot, because I didn't play the first or second Witcher games, and I'm only what, a third of the way through? Maybe halfway through? It's hard to tell as I'm one of those people who doesn't like to progress the main storyline unless I've completed all the side quests in that area ahahaha. So the plot will be short and sweet, and based solely on what I've learnt in this game alone so far. Also, I haven't written about games in three~ years, so please, just bear with me ahaaha! ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

The Witcher is a hunter of monsters, ghouls, and other ghastly creatures that roam its world, due to an alignment of worlds allowing them to break through the barrier into ours. Witchers are trained from young boys at Kaer Morhen, undergoing severe mutations to enhance their abilities as hunters, such as tracking, which only three out of ten boys even survive.
Geralt is the name of the Witcher you play, in this game tracking a young woman named Ciri, who trained at Kaer Morhen and who he loves as his own daughter. She's in danger, pursued by the Wild Hunt, and it's up to you to traverse the game's world hunting for clues as to her whereabouts. Along the way you'll enlist the help of old friends, such as sorceresses and fellow Witchers, to help you search for Ciri, as well as help the poor people of the towns you pass through on your journey with their monster or haunting troubles.

Briefest plot blurb in history! Ahahaha °+(*´∀`)b°+° But that is the general gist of it, your "daughter" is missing and in danger, so you set out to find her, taking monster contracts along the way as that's your job as a Witcher.

I really like this game so far. It's really immersive, addictive, and absolutely huge, in terms of both the map and the amount of quests you can do. I've already sacrificed about six days of my life to this game, and I'm talking full days, like, start playing at 8am and stop playing at 6pm ahahaha. It really is that good though, it's incredibly daunting at first when you see the sheer size of it, but when you get into the swing of it it's fantastic the amount of places there are to explore, the amount of quests or Witcher contracts there are to choose from. Fancy advancing the main storyline? No? How about exploring that new location, maybe it's treasure, or a monster nest. Don't want to do that? Why not challenge all the AI characters to a game of Gwent, an ingenious and actually super fun original card game exclusive to The Witcher 3. Gotta catch collect 'em all! (≧∇≦)キャー♪

Forge your own path and make your own decisions to alter the course of events at every turn with various characters. Change your relationship with important people, change the fate of yourself and people with multiple choice interactions, and make your game unique (something that came in handy when I started playing after seeing my boyfriend's choices before I started my own game, so I could have a different outcome).

Sorry for this not being that much of a short Sunday Shorts post ahahaha (´ω`*)ネー

Have you played The Witcher 3? Are there any games you're enjoying playing at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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Friday, 29 May 2015

Beauty | Missha Skincare Mini-Haul

Hello lovelies!

I mentioned in my Tuesday Teasings post a while back that over my hiatus I'd bought a few Missha skincare products, so I decided to do a mini-haul post on them. Of course I will be doing separate reviews on all three of them, but as I still need to take some photos for a couple of them, I thought a mini-haul post would be a good preview.

Sorry for the Instagram filter quality of the group picture, I appear to have accidentally deleted the original and had to rip that copy from my profile (-_-)ゞ゛Links to each product are underneath!

I bought all three to try to suit what I felt my skin needed at the time; I was breaking out a little and I've always had a major issue with blackheads (boohoo). So, I went for the Creamy Latte Chocolate Cleansing Foam for my breakouts, and the Black Ghassoul Peel-off Nose Pack in an attempt to lessen the horrendous amount of blackheads I seem to have gained since I hit puberty ahahaha  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

The Honey Butter Pack was bought as a counter-active measure to what I assumed the effects would be of peeling off ghassoul from my skin, as I assumed it would leave my skin feeling pretty raw and desperate to be nourished ahaha. And, also to just sort of treat my skin every now and again  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Full reviews will be coming soon! Have you tried any of these three, or any other Missha skincare products? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Beauty | Tuesday Teasings: Tonymoly Top 5 (Korean Cosmetics)

Hello again, my lovelies! How are you all doing? (○゚ε^○)

I've recently been very partial to Missha products and bought quite a few of them while on my hiatus, which you'll be seeing reviews of very soon, so I thought I'd change tack a bit and compile my top 5 Tonymoly products that I'm lusting after at the moment! I've always loved Tonymoly, but haven't bought any of their products in quite a while I think, so here's my Tuesday Teasings Top 5 List!

Now, I didn't pick a particular one of these, because when I finally get around to buying any at all, I'm probably going to buy quite a few ahaha. Plus I wouldn't want to recommend one I personally want, when one of you, my lovely readers, might want or need a different one! I like the look of quite a few of them, like the Rice mask, and also others like the Teatree, the Broccoli, the Avocado... basically all of them! There's such a wide variety to help make your skin more beautiful, no matter what your skin problems are.

I am obsessed with all these Korean butter skincare products at the moment!! I bought the Missha Honey Butter Pack while on my hiatus and I am absolutely in love with it  (‘∀’●)♡ The one I have is so rich and nourishing for my skin, so I'm really eager to try out some other butter products to keep my skin feeling moisturised and healthy.

Of course I had to include at least one Panda's Dream product, they're a classic for a reason! I've tried the eye stick, and the regular cream, and while I liked the eye stick I wasn't that big a fan of the regular cream, after application I honestly just looked like I was wearing zombie make-up or something ahaha, although to be fair at least that meant it worked in terms of evening out skin tone ahahaha. Therefore, I'm much more partial to the idea of the sleeping pack, as that way it can do its job without me feeling like an extra from the Walking Dead or something ahaha.

Again, I haven't chosen a specific one as I think I'm going to buy more than one! I'm quite partial to orange tones on my skin right now, so I'm leaning towards Tomato and Tangerine, although Grape looks like such a pretty pink/purple! 

I'm really intrigued by this brightening lotion, it's part of a trio of skincare products, with the other two being a rice toner, and an avocado moisturiser. Out of the three I really want this lotion, and also the toner as I really need to add one to my routine!! But at the moment I am having a little issue with my skintone thanks to some mild scarring after I was on this hefty pain medication a couple of years ago, which gave me mild-medium acne on my cheeks. So, as this list evidently points out, I'm really focusing on evening out my skin tone, so I think this partnered with the Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack and a few sheet masks will really help me my skintone even out ヽ(*’-^*)。

And that's my Tuesday Teasings list for this week! Have any of you tried any of these Tonymoly products? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Music | CL - Doctor Pepper (Sunday Shorts)

Aloha! So, it's entirely possible that I went on a temporary blog hiatus, due to end after exams were over, and um... forgot to say anything ahahaha. But, my exams are now over, I've totally failed my first year, and blogging is to resume its regular schedule ヽ(*’-^*)。

Well, what would be a better way to reintroduce myself to blogging than with a nice easy, little Sunday Shorts post! The timing is perfect as well, as CL, otherwise known as Chaerin Lee, Chaelin, our Queen, the Baddest Female, GZB, has finally, finally, FINALLY released her first solo American single to break into the American market!! Papa YG (the CEO of the record label YG Entertainment, the Korean record label which the girl group 2NE1, of which CL is the leader and main rapper, is signed to) and CL have been teasing Blackjacks (what 2NE1's fans call themselves) for months now about CL's first solo album, which will also be her first American album. And the first single is finally here!! Check it out on Soundcloud below:

I LOVE IT. It's so freaking addictive and catchy, and it's pretty much exactly what I was expecting from CL given her rap style, and how much she's been working with Skrillex and Diplo over the last year or so. She's been fluent in English since she was a child, and she's always seemed really American, in my opinion. I love 2NE1 because they're really different compared to other Korean girl groups. They're a lot more... fierce, I guess. And I think CL has been a major part of this due to her Americanised style of music, fashion, everything.

CL has always been "The Baddest Female", and I'm really incredibly excited about her new album. I feel as though the spotlight is on her too much recently and that the other members of 2NE1 have disappeared into the background (come back Bommie), but I can't deny that I think she's incredibly talented and charismatic, and I am so, so looking forward to her album.

For those of you who haven't heard any of her songs yet, feel free to check out the videos of her songs with Skrillex, and with Diplo, as well as her previous (Korean) solo single below:

Do you like CL's song Doctor Pepper? Were you already a fan of 2NE1? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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