Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fashion | Liz Lisa (リズリサ) Autumn 2013 Collection (Japanese Fashion)

Concept: Royal Wonderland French Retro & Pop. All pictures taken from the from the Liz Lisa Kawaii Magazine on the Liz Lisa official website.

Liz Lisa is of course slightly iconic when it comes to gyaru fashion, practically everyone has heard of this brand so of course I had to take a sneaky peek at their Autumn and Winter Collection! I love it! It's oh so cute but still with a mature style, and I love the colours that they've been using, particularly the mauve-toned browns in their checked dresses. I also love the brown and cream-toned beiges and camel colours they've used, everything looks so nice!

The things I particularly love are the checked dresses and shorts, I think they're absolutely adorable and really versatile, you could dress them up or down for day or night, office wear, you name it. I'm not a fan of getting my legs out at any time so I'd of course wear tights with them, but I think that'd still be fitting as it's an A/W collection, and going bare legged in a British Winter is not a possibility ahahahaha. I think the jump suits would be more suitable for the cold weather with the long pant legs, plus they're just amazing; they look so smart but so stylish, I'd feel happy wearing one of them any time of the day :) The jackets are super cute as well, although I'm not as big a fan of the trench coat sadly, but that's just my personal taste in coats, I'm more of a black and boring coat girl ahaha.

I want to take this whole separate paragraph to talk about the shoes in this collection. I don't normally go gaga over shoes, I've only worn two pairs this whole year, but OH MY GOD. Those shoes look gorgeous!! I'm a massive fan of the platforms you can see in the first few pictures, but then I'm also a massive fan of the wedges and platform trainers in the next few pictures. There are shoes in this collection for any and every occasion, and I want them all!! Someone buy me those platform heels and platform trainers, pretty please :'( </3

I'd say Liz Lisa were more renowned for their super cute, super frilly, more Hime gyaru style. However, I feel now that the design of Liz Lisa's clothing has matured slightly over the years, and while there is still some lace, the lack of it in this collection compared to some of their previous ones is quite stark, and there's only fluff on a couple of pairs of shoes as far as I can see. I managed to find an image of Liz Lisa's 2009 Autumn & Winter Collection for comparison, which you can see below.

Practically every single item in the image above has lace on it, and there's fur lined coats, hats, boots, neck warmers, etc., and the brown colour theme is a lot darker, although there a couple of smart pieces still. I'd say that this 2013 collection is leaning more towards Otana gal style, whilst still keeping everything kawaii ahahaha. Liz Lisa seem to have moved away from how they've designed and styled previous collections, such as the 2009 one above, and brought in a more mature, but still super cute range of A/W clothing. 

I wrote a lot again ahahahaha, sorry!! :') What do you think of Liz Lisa's 2013 Autumn & Winter Collection? Do you like gyaru and Japanese fashion? Leave a comment and let me know! :)

Bye! x
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  1. I adore Liz Lisa! I wish I had a smaller Asian frame though cause there are so many gorgeous items I need in my life!

    1. Me too! And I really need to hurry up and start my diet before all these gorgeous clothes come out ahahaha :') xx

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Liz Lisa. I mean look at that trench coat with the ruffles. SUPER ADORABLE! ♥♥

    1. I know, right! Everything in this whole collection is just SO FREAKING CUTE. I want it all! xx