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Fashion | Rienda (リエンダ) 2013 Autumn & Winter Collection Catalogue Vol 1 (Japanese Fashion)

All pictures taken directly from the Cecil Kishimoto Autumn & Winter 2013 Collection Catalogue (Volume 1) on the Rienda website. Only my favourites are shown.

I was on a ship
to go on a long cruise
Why I got on the ship
or where the ship is heading to,
is not an important matter
What matters to methe most
now is this one man.
He found me on the deck and
took my breath away.
We are on a ship.
Can't get off once departed.
Together here until we
arrive at the port.
But once we arrive and
get off this ship,
there may be no chance
that we meet again
That is not what I want.
Can I make him fall for me
while we're on this cruise...?

And that, as far as I'm aware, is the basic premise of Rienda's first parter of their Autumn & Winter 2013 Collection. I don't know if this theme of getting a man to fall in love with you while you're both on a ship will be in the second volume, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough! "Fetishist" is also supposed to be a main theme for this collection, but as you can see there's a distinctive lack of bondage or PVC or whips and riding crops, so I'm not entirely sure what they mean by that. I did see a choker or two though, so maybe it's just strong accessories? Who knows. Fashion, eh?

But themes aside, I LOVE this collection. I like Rienda quite a lot anyway, they always seem to produce strong yet feminine, mature yet youthful clothing, and this collection is no exception. As you may already know from my previous post on my wish for Autumn & Winter clothing, I love these seasons and their fashion! Blue is one of my favourite colours, especially to wear, and so I'm currently obsessing over the strong, dark jewel-like hues featured throughout this collection. Especially that coat seen in the third picture, oh my god why aren't you in my wardrobe already?!

Strong dark reds, a lot of black and houndstooth, plus some leftover florals, polkadots and nudes from the strong Spring and Summer trends are also apparent in this collection. So far, I am head over heels for pretty much everything you can see in this collection, and the co-ordinates section is to die for, I love seeing how to wear things! I now can't wait for the next volume to see what else Rienda are bringing out!!

Do you love Rienda or Japanese fashion? What do you think of their Autumn & Winter 2013 collection so far

Bye! x
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