Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beauty | Vassen Ifairy Pretty Crystal Blue Circle Lenses Review

Hello everyone! Another sparse post, I do apologise, but working full time as well as doing college three nights a week, on top of a private tutor all to get into University is taking up the vast majority of my time. That and playing Tomb Raider...

How are you all? It was my work's Christmas Party on Friday, and after taking full advantage of Pinky Paradise's Black Friday sale a week or two back, I decided to try out one of my new four pairs of circle lenses! I wore my new blue pair, the Vassen Ifairy Pretty Crystal Blue lenses. They're a brand I'd never heard of but they were the most popular blue pair out of all the blue lenses with a large diameter they had on sale, so I decided to give them a go. I'm very glad I did!

They looked a lot more natural than I was originally expecting. I think this was mainly due to the dark lighting at the party; if I wore them during the day time I'm pretty sure everyone would be able to tell. I forgot to take a comparison picture of my eye size compared to wearing the lenses, but if you've read my other circle lens review I'll just say that these are around the same size if not a tiny bit smaller, but obviously still big enough to make my eyes pop! ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ

These are the ones I bought:

And here's how they look on:

Without flash

With flash; see what I mean about really being able to tell in proper light?

Full face without flash (please bear in mind I hadn't done my hair yet)

And the finished look, with flash.

I do really love these lenses. I've always wanted blue eyes, and actually sort of not really considered that surgery which removes the brown iris, revealing the blue one underneath. Yeah, bet you didn't know that, did ya (^_−)−☆

I think that I'm going to save these lenses for nights out only. They're enough to make a difference without looking freaking weird like they would in broad daylight; I think that my only gripe would be that they don't blend that well, but that's more just 'cause I'm trying to put blue over hazel, it's not the lenses fault ahahhaa.

I can't wait to try out my green and grey Geo lenses, so stay tuned for them if you like my Circle Lenses reviews (○^ω^)

Bye! x
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