Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lifestyle | New Additions To The Family: Kittens!

Link (left) and Hobbes (right)

I probably should have done this post quite a long time ago. We've had these two bundles of mentalness for I think a month and a half now? We bought them from some random guy who had put an ad on Gumtree, who said they were eight weeks old, litter trained, etc. When we got there, we found out he was keeping them IN A CAR parked in his back driveway, and sometimes a shed that was smaller than my old wardrobe, and full of random crap they could easily hurt themselves on. I couldn't believe it when we got there, I wanted to call the RSPCA but there were only two kittens left, and he had more people coming later for them so there was no point. The way he grabbed them to give them to us as well, he used a fucking bamboo stick to get them out from under the car! They weren't being fed properly either, he'd lied about them being toilet trained, we still don't have a clue exactly how old they are, and just holy crap it was so shit. I wanted to cry, I was so happy we got them out of there.

So understandably, they were shit scared of us for the first night and a little of the next day. But now, they're two happy little bundles of fluff :D They've had both rounds of their essential kitten injections and worming treatments, and now they're free from the vets for a year (apart from, y'know... snip snip). They're both curious, always hungry, always getting in the way and always thinking that our feet are prey, and they're just plain old lovely to have around, despite them being beyonddd annoying ahahahhaa.

Both boys, we called the one with tiger stripes patterns Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, one of my favourite all time comic strips by Bill Watterson (books here), and the darker one Link from the Legend of Zelda, as Ocarina of Time was the game I wanted to own more than any other when it first came out, but I didn't have an N64 (3DS game here). They're roughly 12 weeks old now and still both pretty much kitten-sized (we think Link was the runt of the litter as he's still quite smaller and lighter than Hobbes), and they're absolutely adorable. Nothing makes me happier than when they come to have a nap in my lap :)

Do you have any pets? Would you like to have kittens?

Bye! x
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  1. Aww look at them, they're so cute!!! The poor little things, so glad they've got a good home now :)

    Lynsey xx

    1. I know right ahahaha, practically melt every time I see them! :') And aw, us too!! xx