Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lifestyle | Manchester International Tattoo Show


The idiot hipster douche getting the teepee tattooed on his forehead

Amazing Walter White (Breaking Bad) art!

The circus-esque show

Stuffed animals for sale... :|

This poor girl must have well thought I was taking her picture ahahaha

Fortune teller :o I really want to go one someday, but there was a queue for this guy

The sort of rest area, with a tattoo babe photoshoot happening in the background

Tattoo babe magazine photoshoot

So on Sunday myself, A and a few of his friends took a trip along to the Manchester International Tattoo Show. One of his friend's brother was working there as a promoter for his tattoo magazine, and managed to score us some free tickets in! :)

The show itself was a compilation of the weird and wonderful, and tattoo artists of all different styles and locations had gathered here to show off their skills and various artwork. Everyone was so talented, I became smitten with a few of them and their beautiful art; I stood watching a guy get a drawing-style tattoo of an elephant on his leg for about twenty minutes, purely because the tattooist's shading skills were amazing!

As you can see above, they put on a show of fire and snakes and gymnasts, it wasn't the best and it didn't keep my attention for long, but it was pretty good. As we were leaving the Show another group (or maybe the same group) were about to put on a trapeze act, which I was a bit disappointed that we were missing but we'd already been there a few hours.

It was really fascinating watching dozens of people willingly sit themselves in a stall for everyone to ogle and get tattoos done. One guy, this stupid hipster douche, went and got a tattoo on his head. The picture's above, from what I could see when it was done it was a tattoo of a teepee... I have absolutely NO idea why this dude decided to get that done; maybe it's some kind of secret hipster symbol, like the Illuminati? Whatever. He's going to regret that soooooooo bad in like, five years when his hairline recedes!! Idiot.

I personally don't have any tattoos, I've always shunned them in favour of weird facial (in my teen years - I've even had my antibrow pierced) and ear piercings as piercings aren't permanent; you can take them out and the scars will fade. Although saying that you can still see my lip piercing scars and it's been like, three years! I have this paralysing fear that I'd regret a tattoo if I ever got one, so I just can't bring myself to get one. This made me a little sad whilst walking round, as all the sketches and tattoos being done looked absolutely gorgeous.

This was a really fascinating day, and it was really interesting seeing all the different styles of tattoos and all the different people that had them or were getting them. I'd love to go again just to see all the pretty colours and shapes as I walked round, so hopefully I'll get to go again next year!

Did any of you go the International Tattoo Show in your area this year? Do you have any tattoos? Let me know in the comments!

Bye! x
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  1. This was really interesting, I had know idea that there was tattoo shows! I really like tattoos and there are some that look so pretty but I don't think I could get one myself as I would be so frightened that I would regret getting it xx

    She's Looking at the Stars

    1. I didn't either, and completely agree with you! I would hate to get one then not like it in a decade or two :|

      Thanks for the follow lovely, following you back now! :) xx

  2. Tattoo heaven!!! <3 I want to get another tattoo! I had my first one years and years ago and I didn't really put any thought into the design since I just wanted one at the moment so I got a scorpion one bec of my zodiac sign :))) I plan to get it retouched/revamped and maybe new wrist ones but I still need to find a really good design and a legitimate artist in my area though. I'm kinda tempted to get a lablet piercing also but I'm scared about the pain/healing process :s

    1. I know, right! :) Oooh a scorpion one sounds nice, really different. I've always wanted a half sleeve of Japanese-style flowers but I'm just too scared to get it done :') I'm in the same boat as you, no idea where I'd go to get it done and if it'd be done how I wanted even if I stopped being such a chicken!

      Oh I love labret piercings! I always regretted getting half spider bites instead of a labret. Lip piercings don't hurt as much as you'd think, but scar badly when you take them out :( xx

    2. oh i see..I guess I need to really think hard before I get the piercing then <3