Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fashion | Emoda (エモダ) Autumn & Winter 2013 Magazine Vol 1 (Japanese Fashion)

All pictures taken from the from the Emoda Autumn & Winter 2013 Magazine on the Emoda official website on Fashion Walker. The below are my favourite picks.

Have to say, I really like this collection as well! So far, from what I've seen from the Autumn & Winter collections of gyaru brands, I'm seriously impressed. This Collection seems to have just two main themes throughout: dark floral patterns and casual style clothing. The florals in this collection are really red toned too, although I did see a blue version of the trousers in Emoda's shop on FW, and they looked really nice!

The two piece in the second picture and the outfit in the last picture are I think my two favourite looks from the ones I've chosen. I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love the dark red colours! It's completely typical, but I do like wearing darker toned colours in colder months... and in general. Bright just doesn't suit me! :') I will never be able to pull off the neon trend, and I've accepted that ahahaha.

In terms of the casual clothing style, seeing as I currently can't really control my appetite or, subsequently, my weight (which I'm completely blaming on the side effects of "increased appetite" and "weight gain" of my new medication, ughhh I'm such a fat fuck right now it's really getting me down :'( segway!), I love the look of the loose fitting smock jumper tops. The jersey material is supposed to be really big in gyaru this season :)

Whilst it's not quite my cup of tea, the look of the grey, white, and black all together also looks really good! I can't see it on myself at the moment (see above depressed statement of weight gain aigo~), but I love the knee socks, and the simplicity of the co-ordinate. Playsuits are pretty much my FAVOURITE thing to wear, ever. So I'll definitely be purchasing the one above, it looks sooooooo nice with the white floral t-shirt underneath. Given that I love the first volume of the collection so much, I am super excited to see what else Emoda are going to bring out! :D

Do you like Emoda? What do you think of their Autumn and Winter Collection?

Bye! x
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