Sunday, 24 May 2015

Music | CL - Doctor Pepper (Sunday Shorts)

Aloha! So, it's entirely possible that I went on a temporary blog hiatus, due to end after exams were over, and um... forgot to say anything ahahaha. But, my exams are now over, I've totally failed my first year, and blogging is to resume its regular schedule ヽ(*’-^*)。

Well, what would be a better way to reintroduce myself to blogging than with a nice easy, little Sunday Shorts post! The timing is perfect as well, as CL, otherwise known as Chaerin Lee, Chaelin, our Queen, the Baddest Female, GZB, has finally, finally, FINALLY released her first solo American single to break into the American market!! Papa YG (the CEO of the record label YG Entertainment, the Korean record label which the girl group 2NE1, of which CL is the leader and main rapper, is signed to) and CL have been teasing Blackjacks (what 2NE1's fans call themselves) for months now about CL's first solo album, which will also be her first American album. And the first single is finally here!! Check it out on Soundcloud below:

I LOVE IT. It's so freaking addictive and catchy, and it's pretty much exactly what I was expecting from CL given her rap style, and how much she's been working with Skrillex and Diplo over the last year or so. She's been fluent in English since she was a child, and she's always seemed really American, in my opinion. I love 2NE1 because they're really different compared to other Korean girl groups. They're a lot more... fierce, I guess. And I think CL has been a major part of this due to her Americanised style of music, fashion, everything.

CL has always been "The Baddest Female", and I'm really incredibly excited about her new album. I feel as though the spotlight is on her too much recently and that the other members of 2NE1 have disappeared into the background (come back Bommie), but I can't deny that I think she's incredibly talented and charismatic, and I am so, so looking forward to her album.

For those of you who haven't heard any of her songs yet, feel free to check out the videos of her songs with Skrillex, and with Diplo, as well as her previous (Korean) solo single below:

Do you like CL's song Doctor Pepper? Were you already a fan of 2NE1? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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