Friday, 17 May 2013

Fashion | Zara Wishlist

I've fallen into the habit of only ever shopping at places I'm used to shopping in. The main culprit is, of course, River Island, in which I've easily spent a grand or two since my addiction at the age of sixteen/seventeen. I can honestly tell you right now that I have only ever bought one item of clothing from Topshop (not including a few pairs of watermelon print socks), and that was the blazer featured in my previous OOTD post; the blazer I bought years ago and genuinely forgot I owned.

A few years ago I loved Zara. The store in my nearest town was always really intimidating, whether I'm referring to the prices for a college student, or the stupidly pretty people working there, or just how big it was, so I only went in a few times, but managed to lust after pretty much everything. I've bought a few items from there and I still wear them now, five years on! Can't deny the quality of Zara clothing. When I was looking around for candidates for my perfect Spring/Summer jacket post, I remembered my old crush on Zara. Whilst I was disappointed that they didn't have any particularly nice coats or jackets, I kept on browsing a little further and, safe to say, my old crush has been re-kindled.

I've put together a little outfit wishlist here, featuring the infamous skort (skirt/shorts) I've seen practically every blogger featuring in their outfit posts. I WANT ITTTTTTTTTTT :( Ideally, every one of these items would be in my wardrobe right now (although technically they'd be on my floordrobe, as my wardrobe sees no action nowadays). I've never really been a big fan of red, but I think it really does brighten up an outfit! I think I chose these items because you can wear this outfit for either spring/summer or autumn/winter, just add some tights and a nice smart coat and it'll easily be a perfect winter look :)

I'm getting a little addicted to making wish lists, and my bank balance has already taken a right beating this week getting prepared for Barcelona (OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO SPAIN ON SUNDAY), and then somehow I managed to add over 80 Korean make-up products to my wish list on Ebay, and then buy a bunch of them earlier this morning!! I'm supposed to be saving, I'm doing a terrible job ahahaha! At least when my Korean products arrive (in like, six months ugh) I'll be able to do a blog post that's a little bit different :)

Do any of you have too many wish lists for your bank balance to keep up with? Do you love Zara? Let me know in the comments!

Bye! x
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  1. Gorgeous! Zara is fab, I think every girl wants everything from there!