Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fashion | OOTD #3: All Grown Up

Yesterday was one of those days where I honestly felt like a grown up for a second. Despite the fact I'm twenty two and expected to have it all figured out by now, I rarely honestly feel like an adult, and more like I'm still seventeen playing grown up.

Yesterday was my most grown up day of my life so far. It started with a trip down to Manchester for a job interview I had, which I'm 98% sure I absolutely bombed. It was my second proper interview of all time (not counting the one I had to go on full-time at the company I'm with now, as I technically already worked there), and I got so nervous right before it started, simply because I realised how much I wanted the position.

I present to you now the outfit I wore yesterday, which I stressed out over a little as the company I work for is so not arsed about dress code that I haven't bought anything smart since my first interview there a few years ago. The pictures were taken with my actual camera, but the quality still isn't that good, and for some reason it's made my pictures smaller? Sad face.

Blazer - Topshop (Old)
Playsuit - River Island (Old)
Belt - River Island Cat Skirt (Here)
Shoes - River Island via Ebay (Old)

After my interview I was super bummed out 'cause of how terrible I thought it had gone, but there wasn't really much time to dwell on it as we (my boyfriend and I) had to go straight on to Manchester city centre, as he also had an interview there. Immediately after his interview, which took over an hour, we had to rush to a flat viewing, and we were actually a little late because his interview had ran on so long (he got a call as soon as he got in the car though, he got the job!).

Within an hour we managed to view three flats a little way out of Manchester city centre, and we're today currently in the middle of talking with the estate agent about applying for the third one we saw, which we weren't actually planning on viewing, but we were asked if we'd like to see it as it was right next to the one we had booked to view. Ugh, it all sounds stupidly adult to me! Fucking estate agents and flats and jobs, and ugh. Where's Peter Pan???? I want to go off to Neverland!!

Equally scary and exciting at the same time. I'm currently awaiting a call from the recruitment agency that got me the interview to find out if I did as terribly as I think. Wish me luck that I didn't!!

Are any of you looking for work or places to live? Is it just me that finds it scary still?

Bye! x
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  1. You look really pretty, such a chic outfit!
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    1. Oh thank you, you're too kind! :) xx