Friday, 10 May 2013

Fashion | The Perfect Spring/Summer Jacket

I've never really owned a jacket; not a proper one, anyway. I did receive an oversized DKNY denim jacket for I think it was my 12th or 13th birthday, but seeing as I lived in jeans and my mum always told me that double denim was a nono, I never wore it. When I did start to branch out of jeans, I did attempt to wear the jacket, although I've still never grown into it, and the buttons are clicky and the sleeves don't roll up properly for when it's warm, it doesn't protect against the cold, and the pockets on the back are upside down because someone (wrongly) thought that was a good idea... In short, though I want to like it, I don't.

Therefore, for years it has been my somewhat life mission to find the perfect summer jacket. One that's bright enough to look summery, dark enough to mix and match with my autumn/winter clothes, thick enough to keep me warm during a cold spell, thin enough so I won't overheat and die on a hot day, and just generally go with everything. Is that too much to ask??

I've decided to put together several collages on my favourite jackets from my favourite shop River Island, and a variety of others, some of which I've never bought from before, but which are aiding in my research in order to find the perfect Spring/Summer jacket (if I can also wear it on the slightly warmer days of Autumn, that'd be ace)...

Heavy Petal Bomber Jacket / Rose Tattoo Bomber Jacket / Flower Punch Bomber Jacket
Hard Day's Night Trench / Red Quilted Biker Jacket
Black Panelled Biker Jacket / Green Tiger Print Bomber Jacket / Beige Contrast Trim Smart Jacket / Cream Marl Soft Biker Jacket / Cream Satin Oriental Embroidered Biker Jacket
Unlined Parka / Chinoiserie Dragon Bomber / Notch Neck Throw On Coat / Sister Jane Wild Forest Jacket
Military Jacket / Navy Wax Hooded Jacket / Stone Peplum Mac
And that concludes my list so far! Do any of you lovely people have a perfect spring/summer jacket, or have you seen one anywhere? Let me know, I'll be eternally grateful!! :)
Bye! x
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