Friday, 7 August 2015

Beauty | Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Perfect Sticker Review (Korean Skincare)

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I posted a while back about my Holika Holika haul, where I bought all six items of the Pig-Nose Black Head Clear series, a skincare series designed to specifically target and remove black heads! While my skin has improved overall thanks to my Missha Chocolate Latte Cleansing Foam, I'm still stuck with deeply ingrained blackheads I've had since my teenage years, most prominently across my nose, sadly a very noticeable area (´_`。)

These Perfect Stickers are the first item of the series I tried, and as this one is more instant-results than the others, which I'll need to use for a few weeks for any noticeable difference to appear (or not), I'm able to review it after just a few uses. So, here we go!

Don't mind my bare face; thank god for my camera's soft-focusing ahaha. Probably unsurprisingly, these Perfect Stickers aren't that great. I've yet to find any sort of T-zone related blackhead-removing sticker or strip that really has any effect on my blackheads. I will say they looked a little less dark or prominent after each use, but only because I was looking exceedingly closely, it wasn't like I ripped them off and was like, oh wow!

However, for the price and the cute and fun packaging these Perfect Stickers aren't a bad purchase. I'm glad I tried them, and if you have blackheads that aren't as deeply ingrained as mine, then these might actually make a difference for you! To be honest, they're probably best for prevention of future black heads. As for me, these don't make as big a difference as the other products in the series might, so I'll carry on using the Deep Cleansing Oil Balm and will hopefully have a review for you in a couple of weeks (o^∀^)

Have you tried any Holika Holika products? Are you using any skincare that targets blackheads at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love blackhead clearing strips and the packaging for these are just adorable, thanks for sharing xx

    1. They're really cute, aren't they! Thanks for reading :) x

  2. although they don't make an immediate difference, they're kind of enjoyable to use dont you think?!

    lillies and lipbalm

    1. Yeah they are, I get a weird sense of satisfaction from peeling them off at the end ahaha :') x