Sunday, 2 August 2015

TV | Just Watched: Sense8 (Sunday Shorts)

Good evening, all my fellow lazy Sundayers!

This Sunday Shorts piece will be focused on the Netflix Original series Sense8, a science fiction TV series that I finished watching a couple of weeks ago. It's intense, has a unique plot, and is very interesting to watch! So let's dive in  (⌒▽⌒)☆

I won't say anymore than what you can see from the trailer/first episode kind of deal. Sense8 revolves around eight people who discover that they are "sensates"; people emotionally and mentally linked with seven other individuals from across the world. Their journey begins after each one of them witnesses the suicide of their 'mother' Angelica, which allows them to be effectively reborn, as sensates.

It's pretty freaking cool ahaha. While I'd always feel as though my privacy was being invaded, being linked to seven other people, being able to speak their language, use their skills, their knowledge, and know that you're never truly alone? It's a fascinating premise, and if their lives weren't threatened by those who sought to destroy them, I'd be pretty happy if I was one of them. But, there's a downside to everything, and in the show Sense8 each character is effectively on the run from the minute they're reborn, from the man who effectively drove their 'mother' to suicide in order to escape him.

For reals, Netflix are just rolling out top quality shows now, one after the other, and this is one of them. Honestly, such an interesting idea! I was hooked from the trailer to be honest, I thought it was just such a unique storyline, and ended up binging all twelve episodes over the next couple of days. I would seriously recommend it, it covers everything from culture, sexuality, violence, religion, you name it. It can't get boring 'cause no two characters are even slightly the same!

I would seriously recommend this show! Have you watched Sense8? Have you liked any other Netflix Original shows? If you have any recommendations, then let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x

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