Friday, 28 August 2015

Beauty | Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Deep Cleansing Oil Balm Review (Korean Skincare)

Oh heeey~ ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

I'm so annoyed with myself. After finally getting back into a good habit and routine with my posts, I managed to fuck it all up, as per. My Polish friend from Uni came to stay with me for the past 2 weeks during resit period as she had two exams eleven days apart, and couldn't afford a hotel for that long. I'm surprised University doesn't offer some form of accommodation for international students that have to travel back for resit exams, some of which are several weeks apart, that's quite rude and incredibly inconveniencing for them! It's not like anyone's using the accommodation over summer, it's so dumb. I feel really bad for students who have to travel from further away than Poland. Co kurwa  (;¬_¬)

ANYWAYYY ahahahaha! Well, today's post is on the Deep Cleansing Oil Balm of the Pig-Nose Clear Black Head series by Holika Holika! You can find my previous review of the Perfect Sticker review, and my original haul post here.

I adore this Deep Cleansing Oil Balm! First off, it smells super refreshing, with a lemony citrus scent which smells just lovely (o^∀^) Given that I was rubbing this all over my nose for the past few weeks, I can tell you right now I really appreciated that it smelled nice ahahaha.

It's a fantastic balm that just melts into your skin, really. Again, I wasn't expecting any dramatic improvement given that my blackheads are so deeply ingrained into my pores that I doubt anything's going to ever really get rid of them (sigh), but I did see a small but pleasant improvement in their appearance. They seemed to look less dark and even a little bit smaller, and with the stage my blackheads are at, that's something I really appreciate! Unless I find a miracle product, I will have to be happy with tiny improvements such as these, and honestly I really am. y(^ヮ^)y

Any improvement, no matter how small, is still an improvement! Overall, I'm not expecting dramatic changes, and even a vague diminishing of the appearance of my blackheads gets a thumbs up from me ahahaha.

Have you tried this Pig Nose Clear Black Head Deep Cleansing Oil Balm? Are you a fan of any other Holika Holika products? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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  1. It is so cute and sounds like it smells amazing so that is enough to sway me haha xxx


    1. It really is a lovely clean, fresh scent :) Glad I swayed! x