Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beauty | Tuesday Teasings: Korean Skincare eBay Wishlist (Korean Cosmetics)

Hello, my lovelies! How are you all? ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

Welcome to another Tuesday Teasings! Whilst my current skincare routine of Soap & Glory's cleansers Scrub Your Nose In It and Scrubatomic, plus their Fab Pore moisturiser, is working for me, I'm fast running out. Therefore, I decided to put together another little wishlist of what Korean skincare products I'm lusting after at the moment. Here we go! ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

I am in desperate need of some delicious intensive care for my skin ahahaha. I've been eyeing up this Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food for quite a while now, because it boasts a self-heating formula designed to cleanse, refresh, revitalise, soften, and tighten your skin. Seeing as I wear make-up every day, I'm having some serious cravings for a deep cleansing mask to make sure all the dirt, grime, and foundation is properly cleaned off and not clogging my skin. Skin Food have a couple of other "flavours" ahahaha, but this one caught my eye the most.

Ughhh, I have always had an issue with blackheads. I never had acne as a teenager, and even though my skin's not spectacular even now, I only get a couple of proper spots a month, usually when I'm PMSing or have been eating too much junk (which is constantly ahahaha I'm the worst for snacking!). However, what I lack in spots, I have always more than made up for in blackheads ahahaha (┳◇┳) Which is why I'm oh so infatuated with the sound of this Blackhead Clear from Lioele. After steaming your pores to help them open up, soak a cotton pad (see on the strawberry; not sure if the cotton pads are provided) with the product, and then place it on your nose, or wherever your blackheads are. It's designed to lift the sebum or dirt out of the pores so that you can wipe it away with a cotton bud, leaving your nose smoother and more clear (o^∀^) It's supposed to help control any over-production of sebum from then onwards also, as long as you continue you use it a couple of times a week. I want this soooo~~~ much ahahahaha! Top of my list right now.

Who doesn't love Etude House? I just ordered a blusher from them, which I'm super excited for! (^▽^) I think that a cleansing foam is a really good addition to my skincare routine, and this one from Etude House boasts the addition of baking powder as an ingredient, which is designed to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. I use a cleansing foam every other day or daily if it's gentle enough, so I'd really like to add this one to my routine.

I've not seen much of Mamonde before, but I do really like the look of this Rose Water Skin Toner of theirs. I've never actually used a toner before, but I'm all for trying new things, and toners come highly touted as a main step in an Asian skincare regime. I don't have sensitive skin per say, but I love the idea of having rose water as a main ingredient as it's designed to soothe and hydrate skin, which if I'm using a cleanser daily is quite necessary, as well as mildly exfoliate. Not high up on my list, but toners are definitely something I want to introduce to my routine.

Now, this just looks delicious ahaha. What is it about me and delicious sounding masks in this wishlist today ahahaha. This mask has three main ingedients: honey and butter obviously, and then potato, which was a bit unexpected for me ahahaha. But, whatever! Who am I to say potatoes aren't great for your skin, Korean skincare has never steered me wrong before. This Honey Butter Pack from Missha just looks oh so soothing and enriching, and it's designed to nourish and purify your skin, giving it a boost of extra radiance (´∀`)♡

Do you like the look of any of these products? Have you tried any of them? If you have any recommendations of Korean skincare you're using at the moment, I'm all ears ahahaha, so please let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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  1. I'm intrigued by the honey butter pack from Missha, too, but I have still so many unused packs that I have to use them up before buying new stuff, hehe

    1. It looks so luxurious, doesn't it! I want it so much ahaha.

      Ohhh no, that's too bad, I know the feeling :')

  2. The Skinfood scrub is fabulous! I don't use mechanical exfoliant right now, but if I did I'd go back to this one. The Missha Honey Butter pack does look tempting. If you're interested in more packs, I like Etude House's Play Therapy pore and spot varieties.

    1. Oh, do you think so? I've heard lots of good things about it since I posted this, I'm really excited to buy it :D
      It really does, doesn't it ahaha. Oooh thank you for the recommendation!! I'll definitely check it out :)