Monday, 3 June 2013

Beauty | Ebay Wishlist: Korean Make-Up

* = alternate links, as the original product is no longer available
** = the full Tonymoly Pig-Nose series is no longer available under one listing, so this is a link to a post I did featuring separate links to each individual product of the series

As my previous post may have tipped you off, I'm a little bit in love with Asian/Oriental culture, fashion, music, you name it. I've been lucky enough to visit China (Beijing and Xi'an) and Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), and they were the most amazing few weeks of my life. I cried all the way home for twelve hours straight on the flight back from Kyoto to boring old England ahahaha. Whilst China was absolutely beautiful and almost magical in terms of history and its famous landmarks, Japan was where I had always wanted to go, ever since I was a child, and it did not disappoint.

My love for the Orient expanded past my obsession with Japan to becoming obsessed with Korean music and fashion. And this leads me on to my currently 88-item long wishlist on Ebay... but come on, how pretty does Korean make-up look?? It looks beautiful in terms of packaging, etc., and hopefully it'll make me look beautiful too ;)

I decided not to include all 88 items from my wishlist, as it does seem a bit excessive, even to me. In my defence, a few of them are just different colours/types of the same product, like number 7 is included about four times as that particular skin care series ranges from pore strips, to cleansing gel, to steaming (?), and more, and number 6 is listed twice in my list as I want to try both the pink and coral colours. I decided on these 13 items to show the versatility of the range of Korean cosmetics and skincare available on Ebay, and put together an entire skin care and make-up routine, even including the make-up bag (12) I'd carry it all around in, 'cause come on, how cute are those kitties?!

I've bought three items already not pictured above, they arrived a couple of weeks ago but I don't want to use them yet as I want to do a full feature on the difference between my current English make-up routine (I don't have a skincare routine currently, I know shock horror ahahaha), and a Korean make-up routine (and skincare, but I won't be able to compare it to anything), to fully compare and contrast the difference in make-up for these two countries. Unfortunately, despite how cheap all the products are (and all have free delivery!), I'm too poor to do any sort of shopping right now, as I've just paid the deposit for the flat my boyfriend and I are moving in to on Saturday (excited!!), and don't even have enough to get petrol for this week, let alone enough to last me the month :( Actually debating doing a 100 day spending ban to help me out, despite that being old news in the bloggersphere...

Back on topic! I hope you'll enjoy checking out all those different products and maybe having a look for some of your own. I've heard of some other Korean websites that are quite good for cosmetics, etc., so if anyone likes this post I might do a follow up. As beauty bloggers, I know how we all like to find and try new products, so hopefully this will open up some new areas to some of you to explore :)

Bye! x
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  1. The Tony Moly Cat's Wink mascara is gorgeous, and the Cat Chu lipstick is gorgeous, I have one in coral and it's lush!
    Also loving the Etude House Water Colour blusher, it's gorgeous, I have one in lilac and it's such a nice tint! xo

    1. I'm so glad you've said that, I LOVE Tony Moly, I can't wait to buy the mascara and lipstick (I was thinking coral :D). Really intrigued by the Water Colour blushers, I'm mainly lusting after the coral shade in that too haha :) xx