Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lifestyle | 100 Day Spending Ban

This may seem like old hat in the bloggersphere, but the time has come for me to do a 100 day spending ban. Sadly enough, becoming an independent adult is making my bank balance cry. With a £225 application fee for the flat and then a deposit of £625 all in the space of a week, plus car payments, you name it, it all came out of my account on payday. After paying my friend back and foolishly going out on the weekend, I literally have £20 to my name, despite getting paid three days ago...

I don't even know how that happened! Thankfully my boyfriend owes me £100 or so for his half of the application fee, so at least I know I'll be able to get petrol for this month. Maybe. Not including the costs of the kittens we're getting next week or installing BT... I've decided that until I get back to normal and get used to paying rent for the first time in my entire life, I probably should be spending money on things I don't really need, like yet another eyeliner. Or a Subway or a double vodka and Coke.

My ban will end the 12th September. Ugh, that seems like forever away! And just in time to spend all my money on everybody's Christmas presents ahahaha. Whilst I would love to scrimp wherever I can, things like my Xbox Live and Spotify Premium memberships can't be tampered with. I think the only exceptions will be getting my monthly Cosmo and repurchasing products from my daily make-up routine that I've run out of. But considering there's a Subway five minutes from my new flat, I'm betting that not getting a sandwich is going to be more difficult than not buying a lipstick ahaha.

Have any of you done a 100 day spending ban before? Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

Bye! x
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  1. I've never done 100 days, but I did one during the month of April - the most difficult thing for me was the temptation to go in shops at all (I walk past Boots on my way to class almost every day, and my best friend works in Lush so I go to see her fairly often), and also not realising how many snacks and drinks I buy when I'm out! If you can keep out of the shopping centre, that's about 80% of the battle! Good luck!

    1. Oh wow, congratulations of doing the whole month! It's the online shopping that's the hardest for me, I spend 9 hours a day on the internet at work, and the temptation to just sneak onto Asos or Ebay is astounding!

      Two days down, 98 to go haha! Thanks for the luck! :) xx