Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Beauty | Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Review (Korean Cosmetics)

Apologies for the last picture being blurry, I just could not get my camera to focus properly! Not that it matters, seeing as all the writing is in Korean and I doubt anyone that reads my blog can read Korean... the symbols are beautiful though. It's one of my life goals to learn Korean, but Japanese comes first. And before that comes my HNC in Business.

Anyway! Hello you lovely lot, it's been a little while. I bought three Korean beauty products from eBay a few weeks ago, but as I'm weird I wanted to wait until I had a full face worth of make-up before I reviewed any of the items I bought, so I could properly compare them to English products. However, seeing as I'm on a spending ban (household items not included as I just moved out), I can't buy any new products until the ones I currently own run out. I'm more impatient than weird, so I decided to try out all three products and review them!

I've used this product a few times now, but I got such a shock when I first splodged a bit out on my hand! Despite the fact that it says BB on the front (I didn't know this until recently, but Japan and Korea, etc. had BB creams long before Europe or the US!), because it also said "Clearing" I convinced myself that it was a skincare product designed for clearing the skin, not make-up! So I was not in the least expecting brown liquid to come out when I squeezed the bottle, but I quickly got over my shock and now I love this little guy, and not just because it has a cute little cat on the tube!

It is a tiny bit dark for my skin tone, mainly because I'm scary pale, but it does blend in really well. It evens my skin tone as well as hides my pores, which I feel are quite noticeable in my T-zone area, so any hiding of these is welcomed! I do feel like I have to wear a bit more face powder across the jawline to hide any colour change between my neck and face, but other than that I absolutely love this product. I don't need a lot of this to make my skin look healthy and clear, and I have noticed that my skin isn't too bad recently, so maybe there's some truth to the clearing properties. The info they have on eBay (that's written in English) says that the Tea Tree extract in this BB cream "guarantees lovely, baby-like skin".

I do really like this product, and I would recommend it to anyone that was considering branching outside of the range of UK cosmetics, or anyone looking to try a new BB cream. Would you possibly try this BB cream? Have you tried any other Korean Cosmetics?

Bye! x
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