Monday, 24 June 2013

Fashion | Monday Musings: Why Isn't It Autumn Yet?

Hello everyone! Super long time no speak :(

As I mentioned in my previous little update post, my flat is still without internet, and will be until this Saturday. Very sad times, I've missed blogging! I'm actually sneaking this post in during work hours, whooops. I did the same with the redesign, a bit of sneaky blog header changing on a Friday, standard. I hope the new title "Neko To No Tanoshii" (Fun With Cat) will reflect more of what my blog will be about :)

Now, I know it's fairly taboo to say, but I don't like summer... there, I said it! I'm just not a fan. I like being pale, I don't like sunscreen, I don't like being hot, I don't like getting my legs or arms out, and I don't like the disappointment of everyone around me when summer in England, yet again, doesn't live up to their expectations, and rains 90% of the time. I love snow, I love Christmas, and I love layering up with pretty cardigans and jumpers, and the cute mittens you can buy, and gorgeous rough and ready boots instead of everyone getting their grubby toes out in sandals... ew. Just me?

Already, stores are looking towards their Autumn/Winter collections, and I for one am super excited about them! For one thing, my spending ban ends on the 12th September (20 days in and still going strong!), just 80 days away, which is perfect timing! This post is a collection of all gal/gyaru fashion for Autumn/Winter, or what can be used for those seasons from the Spring/Summer collections with the help of a little layering ;)

Lev Ricoeur Yul Jacket - Golds Infinity
Dot Tulle Shorts - MA*RS
Kathy Slim V-Neck Top - Golds Infinity

For a casual Autumn look, I love this thick black cardigan layered over these shorts with the cute polka dot netting inlay, paired with a simple beige and black striped t-shirt. Combine this outfit with a thick pair of black tights, sturdy boots and a parka, and you're sorted.

Total Lace Shirt - Cecil McBee
Bi-Colour Ribbon Dawley Coat - Golds Infinity
Striped Peplum Shorts - Golds Infinity
Wood Heel Booties - EGOIST
Rose Headband - Duras
I tried to put a little more thought into this one, and as always, tights are a must at all times. In case you couldn't tell, I love tops and shirts tucked into shorts. LOVE IT. I've been delving into my Japanese fashion a lot more recently, and these are a couple of the outfits I'd love to get in time for Autumn/Winter. Some of these items are from the Spring/Summer collection so maybe by the time my spending ban is up I'll be able to get some of these bad boys in the sale.
Have you started thinking about Autumn/Winter fashion yet? What do you think of my picks?
Bye! x
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