Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Beauty | MAC Hayley Williams Limited Edition Collection, Kilo Off, Gymmin' It & More

So, despite the fact that I knew about the Hayley Williams collection for MAC cosmetics for quite a while before it was released, I somehow forgot to get around to actually buying the products... whoops.

By the time I remembered and scrounged some money together, pretty much everything was sold out. Apart from the face powder! Quick as a flash, I placed my order, and voilà! Few days later, I have this shimmering beauty in my greedy paws.

Although I may not be ginger like the goddess that is Hayley Williams (save for the peak of my obsession with her in my mid-teens when my hair was a scarlet/orange as homage), I have been cursed blessed with magically pale skin and the ability to burn within minutes in sunlight, never tan. So I figure, seeing as she's also pale, this face powder may actually be a decent shade for my skin!

It was a stroke of luck that on the same day I bought the powder (last Friday), a friend of mine linked me to a super sale on a Dainty Doll concealer. Dainty Doll is the beauty range by Nicola Roberts, the naturally ginger member of Girls Aloud. Whilst I was never a fan of this particular ginger, her beauty range has always interested me, but it's been one of those interests that just niggles in the back of your mind from time to time. Until now! I had to order the concealer, it was £2 from £12! Nobody can resist a bargain like that ;)

I'll ensure that I do a proper review post once I receive the concealer (it was so cheap I had to pick the cheapest, and therefore longest, delivery time option available, else I'd be paying more for delivery than the actual product I was buying). So it should be here this week hopefully, and I can do a proper review on how both of these pale people products work :)

From tomorrow, there are just 25 DAYS until I leave for Barcelona! So far, I have bought absolutely nothing in preparation for this trip, save for a bright pink dress, anddd...

Find Kilo off at HQhair here or Look Fantastic here.

Kilo Off! This product was my absolute life saver the last time I needed to shed some weight. I reached my heaviest weight in 2011, and decided to lose 10 pounds so that I could buy a bikini for the first time in my life for my trip to Zante that September, where my brother was getting married. I lost a stone, and was my lightest weight for the first time since my early teens. I was over the moon, and put it down to this little guy.

I maintained this weight until April 2012, and as of now I've now regained 10 of the 14lbs I originally lost (due to a massive illness that created a severe hormonal imbalance that resulted in dramatic weight gain, then quitting smoking, various other on-going medical conditions, laziness, etc.), so I've invested in re-buying them. I lost the weight without exercise, but this time around I'm incorporating exercise. Purely for health and tone as opposed to weight loss. I did pretty good today, 2km in 15 minutes on the treadmill! :)

I got to use my mum's gym today as mine is in Wales, hers is so much more fancy than mine!

There are literally four treadmills in my gym ahahaha! Ridiculous how many there were in there, I couldn't even count them! That's only part of the front half as well, I couldn't fit it all in the frame and there's a whole back section for weights. Loads of people in there too, it's super intimidating!

I'm home again tomorrow, but I have to finish off my essay, then start on one of the three others I have waiting for me, as well as join my mum for a "Body Pump" class at her gym 'cause she scored me a three day pass. EXHAUSTING. I'll keep tabs on my weight and see how the Kilo Off goes. Beka, a friend of mine at work and fellow blogger, also bought some when I did, she started hers today. Anyways,

Bye for now! x

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