Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beauty | This Weekend

This weekend was just the lovely and relaxing quiet one I'd been hoping for. Friday night was spent hammering Ni No Kuni and watching Modern Family, on Saturday my car passed its MOT, I drove down to Wrexham to my boyfriend's flat, got my nails done, and Sunday was spent in bed just chilling watching MF and re-reading The Hobbit. Lovely :) completely ignoring the fact that I have like, four essays due in the next few weeks. Procrastination, you are the devil incarnate, and apparently my best friend. Booo.

I present my lazy, uneventful weekend in pictures:

Laundry day outfit, complete with a blazer I forgot I even owned.

Had a bit of an accident :( to the nail salon!

Having Instagram has made me a bit vain...

Ta da! All fixed, like magic!

I picked another Hologram Effect Layla Nail Polish as I'm still severely obsessed, this time in the colour Red Taboo. It's a gorgeous colour, really bright and gives off a shimmery sparkle whenever my nails catch the light. I'm slightly disappointed that it isn't more red, but hey ho. It makes a fantastic pink :)

I will post again soon, but these essays are starting to get on top of me, and I have to take as much advantage of having internet as possible. I hate college work, and no matter how old I get, I always leave things until the last minute.

Bye for now! x
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  1. wow that layla colour looks fab!!
    www.beautyrambles.com xx