Thursday, 29 January 2015

Beauty | Nail Travel Bling Bling Set by Hope Girl Review (Korean Cosmetics)

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My nails and I have a love-hate relationship. They love to snap and break, and I hate them for doing so. Therefore, I'm not usually one to take the time to paint them, etc., but when I received this mini Nail Bling Bling Set by Hope Girl in my Memebox, I couldn't resist trying them out!

Apologies for the darkness of the photos, the wiring in my room is currently fucked and I'm living by lamp light ahahaha,

I did really like the colours of this nail set, save for the darker one, which just did not look nice on my nails. I tried to do an odd "bling" manicure, and I thought it looked lovely on, as the paler colour really complimented the gold. The gold was mainly comprised of sparkles, which made it easy to drag along the tip than if it were just varnish.

The only downside was that the gold just flaked off almost instantly, without hardly doing anything. After this happened the first time, I repainted the gold tips as I really liked the style, but put two coats of clear varnish on top in the hope of keeping it intact. But this also proved ineffective, as within hours two-three nails were gold free. It was easy enough just to repaint the odd fingertip, but it got tiresome very quickly. The pale colour lasted for aaages though, which I was really happy about (≧∇≦)キャー♪

All in all, I wouldn't quite recommend this set, as I think that the gold one makes up the entire "bling" element of this set, and it just doesn't stay. If you wanted to buy the box (link here) then I'd recommend that, as I believe that's great value for money and comes packed with other fantastic quality items, but this on its own is just not worth buying.

Have you got any nail varnishes you're loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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