Saturday, 17 January 2015

Beauty | Memebox Unboxing: Superbox #60 Back to School by Hope Girl (Korean Cosmetics)

お待たせしてすみません。 (╯︵╰,)

Hi everyone! Long time no see! How are you?
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

I've been insanely busy and lazy, having started Uni in September and having absolutely zero free time. Any time I wasn't in class, I was commuting, studying, or spending time with my family or boyfriend. Or playing his PS4. But anyway, here I am! And after only a sevenish~ month break (; ̄Д ̄)Oops.

I had a few posts saved in my drafts but I want to get back into things with my most recent purchase of Korean cosmetics, which is a Memebox! I'd never heard of these until about October, when I saw everyone on /r/AsianBeauty was raving about them.

I wasn't sure which one to get, really. A few of them that I was really interested in didn't ship to England, or were out of stock, or hadn't been released yet. I was leaning more towards getting make-up as although everyone who knows anything about kbeauty will recommend its fantastic skin care, I currently have a couple of items that really work for me right now, so I'll stick with that before I venture out into the great unknown that is Korean skincare (*´ー`)

I chose the number 60 Superbox: Back to School by Hope Girl as I'd recently just started Uni and thought it boasted a nice full-face collection of make-up items. So, without further ado, here's the unboxing!

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I took them at something like 6:30 in the morning while I was getting ready. As you can see, there are a wide variety of items here, including a few full-sized ones! You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with these boxes, I know if I'd bought one of the full-size items on my own, for instance the Nude Skin CC Cream, would have cost me something like half the price of the box (which has dropped in price now), plus they do ship internationally.

Stay tuned for a couple of reviews I wrote a few months ago on products I still use now, and I'll be doing proper reviews on a few of these Memebox items, but not all (such as the eyeliner pencil, as I'm strictly a liquid/gel liner girl; pencil just irritates my eyes and doesn't ever give me the bold black lines I crave ahaha), as well as some animes and doramas I've watched recently! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Have you bought any Memeboxes? Have you tried any Hope Girl products?

Stay healthy and happy, everyone!

Bye! x
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