Thursday, 17 April 2014

Beauty | Tonymoly Delight Tint in Red Review (Korean Cosmetics)

 Whaddup my lovely followers! Soo, I'm reeeeeeeeeally sorry to those of you who actually follow my little blog, I got super caught up in something called extreme laziness and procrastination, apologies! I've had a bit of a rough and tumble in my personal life, including having my 23rd birthday (ouch) and also being made redundant, whoopsie.

But we're not here for that, happy belated one year anniversary to my blog (holy crap), and let's dive right back in shall we with a review of this super tantalising lip tint from Tonymoly that I bought on eBay, which you can buy here! ლ(◕ˇ∀ˇ◕ლ)

Available to buy here from the f2plus1 shop (10/10)

with flash

This Tint is a heck of a lot more than it would first let you believe in its name alone; this tint is ridiculously powerful in colour, and stains more than that time you spilt your spicy ramen all over your white dress. No? Just me? That was a bad day. RIP my ramen o(๑^Д^)ツ

Essentially, the colour payoff for this tint is off the charts, and as its fluid consistency is so thin, it spreads everywhere, so I didn't even dare try the common Korean way of wearing lip tints as it soaked the application brush and covered my lips instantly. In that respect, it did an amazing job, but I find there's no mid-point with this tint, you either don't use it, or go the whole hog with it as it's so rich in colour.

As you have all probably figured out by now, I love Tonymoly, and this insane colour payoff lip tint is yet another gorgeous make-up item of theirs that I've added to my ever growing collection of Korean cosmetics ╰|^▽^ | I will say though that unless you are much more proficient in the use of lip tints that I (which isn't hard), this isn't the one you want to try to create the ulzzang look you see the idols wear when they use tints. However, if you want an easy POW of colour that stains your lips with ease, then look no further than this guy! He is Delightful <(。´∀`。)/

Do you like lip tints? Have you tried any Tonymoly tints? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! x
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