Friday, 14 February 2014

Beauty | Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton Pact in Pink Beige Review (Korean Cosmetics)

Happy Valentine's Day! And welcome to yet another Korean cosmetics review! I hope you're not getting sick of me ahahahaha \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Basically, as I've said before, I bought eight Tonymoly make-up items from eBay; an entire face worth of make-up minus brows, which is a shame but the only shade that suits my hair colour is a Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil I've had in my Watch List since foreverrr, and as I was on a Tonymoly binge I decided to buy this Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton Pact in Pink Beige (updated link; original no longer available) instead. Definitely going to buy it soon though ahaha, I'm trying to grow my brows straight in the gal/k-idol style, but they are refusing to grow back. Oh, tangent, whoops!

Available to buy here (updated link; original from f2plus1 shop no longer available)

I'm quite gutted because I didn't take pictures before trying it out, and managed to erase the "Tonymoly" imprint that was on the powder within a few sweeps of my powder brush. Partly wasn't my fault though, as this powder is super loose! Very fine, and manages to get on my clothes more than on my brush or face ahaha (although I prefer that to a cakey powder!).

However, that would be my only complaint with it as it finishes my face perfectly! I tried to swatch it but it didn't even show up ahahaha, it's practically invisible but provides a gorgeous matte finish. I personally think that it's top quality, especially for the price, and the shade Pink Beige suits my skin down to the ground, plus they have a second darker shade called Natural Beige which will surely suit all you beauties who aren't ghostly like me ( 。-_-。) ahahahahaa

End of the day, this is my new go to powder, and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves a fine matte finish! Click here to buy (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Do you love Tonymoly? Have you tried this Pact? Let me know in the comments!

Bye! x
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