Thursday, 7 November 2013

Beauty | Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi Series) Circle Lenses Review

Long time no see! I won't waste your time whining on about why I haven't been able to blog for the past month or so, but during this time I finally managed to get my greedy mitts on a pair of circle lenses from Pinky Paradise! I've wanted a pair for aaaaaaages, and I finally had a spare bit money and an occasion for trying them out: a Halloween party!

I always knew exactly what I wanted my first pair of circle lenses to be. I wanted the largest brown ones I could find so that they could blend in with my natural eye colour, and not be too noticeable. I wanted to be able to put them in, maybe add a little mascara, and feel like I'd done my eye make-up in a way, y'know what I mean? Put my lenses in, and feel ready to go without doing a full face of make-up. Now, I bought the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses from the Bambi Series, so that wish didn't turn out exactly how I planned it, because these lenses are way too big to get away with every day wear as they're 15.0mm, the largest size lenses you can buy. I think that the next time I invest in a pair of lenses (which will hopefully be soon as they're ace :D), I'll treat myself to a pair of 15.00mm violet/blue/green lenses, as well as a pair of 14.8mm or 14.5mm brown lenses which I can get away with using for every day wear without them being too noticeable.

These are the ones I bought:

And here's how they looked on! Forgive the pictures, they recommend putting the lenses in before putting on make-up so as to lesson the risk of contaminating them, so please enjoy my awful bare face and still damp hair pre-party get up. Here are a couple for comparison between the lens and my regular, boring eyes ahahaha.

Without flash, one lens in on right eye (my left aha)

With flash, lens in right eye for comparison.
My eye looks wicked pink and sore, but that's my bad, it took me so long to get the lens in because I'd never put even a regular contact lens in my eye before, that the lens completely dried out and caused a bit of irritation when I finally managed to put it in.

Anddd the finished result, minus flash, plus make-up :)

Bonus picture of me drunk at said Halloween party... I'm so attractive.

Overall, I love these lenses! As soon as I (finally) managed to put them in, I felt like a freaking anime character. It was insane. The enlargement is off the charts, they were comfortable to wear all night long, and despite the contrast between my real eye colour and the colour of the lens when I take a picture with flash, in real life they blend in so well! I can't wait to try more colours when I get a bit of spare money, and I'm looking forward to wearing them on a night out with my friend Ashleigh this Saturday, we're going out 'cause it's her birthdayyyyyyyyyyy :) Any Fallowfield/Manchester-based bloggers, hollaaaaaaaaaaa!

Have you tried Circle Lenses? Are you interested in trying them out? Let me know!

Bye! x
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