Friday, 20 September 2013

Fashion | Lip Service (リップサービス) Autumn & Winter 2013 Collection (Japanese Fashion)

Concept: Glossy Rich. All pictures taken from the Lip Service official website's Autumn & Winter 2013 Collection. The below are my favourite picks.

Ooooh, Lip Service have definitely found a new fan with me thanks to this collection! On a weird note, I like how much the blonde model looks kind of like Dara from 2NE1 in the first picture ahahaha.

The colourings are really nice! Blacks and greys are my safety colours, plus I love wearing smarter wear. Some of the items look tailored, for instance the pair of black trousers in the fourth picture, and I love the clean lines and cuts of some of the dresses and skirts. Plus, thigh high boots? Yes please! Although I'm not too sure how they would go down in England... probably not very well, sadly enough.

I love pretty much everything in this collection. I love the jackets and coats, I love the dresses, the two piece sets are to die for, as are the skirts!! Everything in this collection looks smart but sexy, and I think that's a perfect combination. And here ends my short but sweet review, with pretty much the entire collection in my wishlist ahahaha. Need moneys now, please!! $$$

Sorry for the long gap between blog posts again, my arm isn't healing as well as I would have liked meaning it's hard to type for long periods of time, and seeing as that's what I do all day as a job, it was too hard to blog. Plus college has just started back up again so my schedule is all out of whack and ugh! Real life getting in the way of my virtual one :')

What do you think of Lip Service's collection? Do you like Japanese fashion? Let me know, I have a couple more of these posts waiting to go up and it's Autumn already ahaha, need to get them out quick!

Bye! x
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